Cydonia oblonga 'Leskovac'

Cydonia oblonga 'Leskovac'


C. oblonga 'Lescovacka'

Large shrub, rarely a small tree, 3-6 (8) m tall and wide; initially broadly upright, finally broadly bushy to domed with extended, almost horizontal twigs, slow-growing, 10-20 cm a year.

Panicles with sterile ray florets and fertile inner flowers; varying, white; withering to antique pink, burgundy to red-brown, elegantly loose, 20-25 cm long

Elliptical, intense; pale yellow or orange in autumn, from October.

Zone 5a

Variant Height, Width or Girth in cm Price
Half-standard tree
350-400 €32.00*
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Half-standard tree
300-350 €26.00*
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Shape: apple to pear-shaped, large
Ripening time: October
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