Chrysanthemum hortorum 'Orchid Helen'

Chrysanthemum hortorum 'Orchid Helen'

C. Indicum-Hybride 'Orchid Helen'

Small shrub, 1-1.5 m tall and wide, upright to arching, sometimes only a semi-shrub.

Decorative flowers in summer or autumn with cobalt-blue panicles on year-old wood, July to beginning of November.

Elliptical, dark green into November, without autumn colours; almost semi-evergreen in favourable areas.

Zone 5a

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Chrysanthemum hortorum 'Orchid Helen'
Flower colour / petals: Intense purple-pink / double.
Flowering time: August-September.
Height: 40-50 cm; number/m²: 5-7.
Other: See D. Grandiflorum-Hybriden.
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